Meet September’s Patient of the Month: Maddie

Each month, we feature a pet who has visited our clinic in the past month as our Pet of the Month! We’ll share their story with you, and this special pet will also serve as our Facebook profile picture for the month!

September’s pet of the month is Maddie!

Maddie Collage

NSVC: How did you come to live with your humans? Did you join them as a puppy, or were you adopted as an adult?

Maddie: My humans drove to Olney, IL to pick me up. I was 14 weeks old, weighed just under 2 pounds and could fit in a soup bowl.

NSVC: How did they choose your name?

Maddie: I chose my own name.  My humans had three names they liked for me so they placed them on three different pieces of paper and put them on the floor.  The paper I selected was the name they gave me.

NSVC: What are your favorite activities?

Maddie: My favorite activity is sitting in the front window and watching the activity in my neighborhood.  I am the best guard dog ever!

NSVC: What is your favorite treat?

Maddie: My favorite special treat is vanilla ice cream.

NSVC: Do you have a favorite toy?

Maddie: I don’t have a favorite toy but I have a favorite blanket that I took from my dad.

NSVC: Do you have any nicknames?

Maddie: My nickname is Poopsies!

NSVC: What do you like about coming to Northside?

Maddie: I shake like a leaf when I visit Northside because it is scary for me.  My mom thinks the staff here is wonderful and the care they give to me is great!