Poison Prevention in Pets

Pet owners need to follow similar prevention tips for humans in order to protect our pets.
1) Cleaners
Some cleaners could cause upset stomach, but others could cause severe burns of the tongue, mouth, and stomach.
2) Medicine
Do not give any over the counter medicine or human medicine to your pets unless prescribed by your veterinarian.
Keep medicine closed and out of reach because our furry friends sometimes surprise us with what they can open.
3) Chocolate
Do not leave chocolate or candy within reach of your pets.
4) Poisons
Rat and mouse poisons and traps could be deadly to animals.
Also, yards and gardens treated with insecticide could be dangerous to your pets.
5) Household items and car products
There are quite a few items dangerous to animals such as: play dough, fabric sheets, batteries, cigarettes, and alcoholic drinks.
In addition, car products like antifreeze could also be deadly.
If you are not sure about some products, contact the manufacturer.
In case you have questions about poisonous products, always contact animal poison control first.

Written by: Adriana A.