Our Careteam


Animal Caretaker, Clinic Maintenance

Rick holds the titles of Animal Caretaker and Clinic Maintenance here at Northside. He has been in charge of our kennels since February of 1996. He likes caring for animals and watching them heal and get healthy again. In his free time, Rick loves to fish whenever he gets a chance. His dog is named Rude, which is short for Evinrude.

Photo of  Rick



Anne is our groomer. She possesses 18 years of experience as a pet groomer and joined NSVC in March 2010. She is good at her job because she has so much patience with the pets she grooms. She lives in Springfield with 3 dogs, Joey Joey Jo-Jo (a Weiner dog), P.P. Smacks the Jacks (JRT) and Phish, an English cocker spaniel. She also has 2 Siamese cats named Moo Moo Shuchix and Egg Fu Yong Fu. In case you hadn’t noticed, Anne is famous for giving her pets unusual names! She truly enjoys working with the wonderful people at NSVC.

Photo of  Anne

Gertrude a.k.a. Gertie

Clinic Cat

Gertie is our Clinic Cat here at Northside Veterinary Clinic. She joined the NSVC team in 2003.  Her uncanny ability to completely ignore dogs earned her a permanent spot at the clinic after being abandoned. She enjoys spending time in packing boxes, chewing on her catnip plant, entertaining employees, and greeting clients!

Photo of  Gertrude  a.k.a. Gertie